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The Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition



Picture1 Sulphur
Picture1 Sulphur

pH Reduction

At the rates that Sulphur is applied for nutritional purposes, the effect on soil pH would be negligible. However, in certain circumstances, it is beneficial to lower the pH of soil. Common reasons for doing so include establishing heather and reducing common scab in potatoes.


Availability of essential nutrients is often lower due to the high pH of soils. Temporary rectification of these issues can be achieved by foliar applications. However, on small areas of land where crop production is intensive, it is the more practical, permanent and advisable solution to reduce the pH of the soil.


Sulphur compounds such as Sovereign Sulphur can be used on soils in order to provide calcium or release calcium that was previously insoluble. This calcium replaces the absorbed sodium on the colloid. The sodium then combines with the sulphate ion to form a soluble sulphate which will be removed through leaching of the soil.



By using this product for soil amendment, nutrients will be more widely available to aid the growth of plants. Crop yield, quality and profitability of the plants will be increased as a result.


Sovereign can be used to adjust soil pH and tilth – the soil can be flocculated through the release of calcium into the soil following the conversion of free lime present in most soils into gypsum. This means that the calcium is switched to sodium on the clay colloid.



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