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The Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition



Picture1 Sulphur
Picture1 Sulphur

Where to buy Sovereign Sulphur in the UK.


Settings for all the commonly used UK fertiliser applicators.


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  •   A unique granular formulation.

  •   Sovereign breaks down physically with rainfall, but only converts to plant useable Sulphate      as  soils warm up in early spring.

  •   Apply in the Winter Months for season long Sulphur nutrition.

  •   Spread using conventional fertiliser spreaders or bike mounted electro-broadcasters.

  •   Calibrations available for all UK spreaders.

  •   Contains 90% Sulphur and 10% Bentonite Clay.

  •   Manufactured in the EU.

  •   Apply to:

        Grassland at 16Kgs/ha per cut

        Winter Cereals and Maize at 25Kgs/ha

        Oilseed Rape at 50Kgs/ha

        Peas and Beans at 25Kgs/ha

  •   Sovereign contains 90% S (225% SO3)

  •   Applied at the above rates, Sovereign will supply the crops total Sulphur requirements.

  •  The ideal time of application for Sovereign Sulphur is between September and December.   Although the product can still be applied in January and February, depending on the weather   conditions and the time of drilling the results may be less optimal. In situations of chronically   severe Sulphur deficiency it is advisable to use some readily available Sulphate in the spring   to  compliment the Sovereign Sulphur application. Please consult with your agronomist for   further details regarding Sulphur requirement for your crops.

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