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Picture1 Sulphur

Application rates and timings for UK crops.

Where to buy Sovereign Sulphur in the UK.


The Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition



Picture1 Sulphur
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Settings provided in the spreading table are derived from practical tests in the field carried out by SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd.


All of the spreaders used for the tests have been checked by an SCS engineer to ensure that they are in good working order. Any spreaders not in such condition can have a detrimental effect upon the spread patterns, which may cause visible problems in the field.


All settings given as a guide only, no liability will be accepted for any loss or damage to the spreader or crop loss arising as a result of the services provided except in so far as such damage results from the negligence or breach of statutory duty of the SST engineer. In any case SST liability shall not in any circumstances exceed the sum equal to the amount of SST charges in respect of the relevant transaction.


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