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Picture1 Sulphur

Sovereign ® Sulphur with Boron 

Contains 77% Sulphur (225% SO3), 2% Boron and 10 % Bentonite Clay.

Apply to:
• Grassland - 30 - 60 Kg / ha
• Winter cereals and Maize - 30 kg / ha
• Oilseed Rape - 60 Kg / ha

Apply in the Autumn/Winter months for season long Sulphur and Boron nutrition.

First signs of Boron deficiency in wheat is leaf splitting close to the mid rib accompanied by saw tooth notches along the leaf edge. Boron deficiency in oilseed rape causes hollowness in stems, necrotic patches on the leaf and deformation of younger plants.

Spread using conventional fertiliser spreaders or
bikemounted electrobroadcasters. Calibrations available on the website for all UK spreaders.

Sovereign Sulphur and Sovereign Sulphur with Boron have been verified and approved for use on organic farms by the Soil Association. 

The Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition



Picture1 Sulphur
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