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Picture1 Sulphur

The Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition



Picture1 Sulphur

Industrial Sulphur

We also supply pure elemental Sulphur for industrial purposes.


Elemental Sulphur can be used in industry for a variety of uses, such as the production of sulphuric acid and the vulcanisation of rubber, as well as in the manufacture of cellophane, rayon, surfactants, detergents and preservatives. It is also used in the process of bleaching paper and making cement.

Powdered Sulphur
Granular Sulphur

Powdered Elemental Industrial Grade Sulphur. 

Mesh size - 325, 99.96% S

Granulated Elemental Industrial Grade Sulphur.

99.97% S, Granulation 0.5-3.2mm

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