The Gold Standard In Sulphur Nutrition



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Where to but Sovereign Sulphur in the UK.


Settings for all the commonly used UK fertiliser applicators.


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- A unique granular formulation.


- Sovereign breaks down physically with rainfall, but only converts to plant useable Sulphate as soils warm up in early spring.


- Apply in the Winter Months for season long Sulphur nutrition.


- Spread using conventional fertiliser spreaders or bike mounted electro-broadcasters.


- Calibrations available for all UK spreaders.


- Contains 90% Sulphur and 10% Bentonite Clay.


- Manufactured in the EU.


- Apply to:

Grassland at 16Kgs/ha per cut

Winter Cereals and Maize at 25Kgs/ha

Oilseed Rape at 50Kgs/ha

Peas and Beans at 25Kgs/ha


- Sovereign contains 90% S (225% SO3)


- Applied at the above rates, Sovereign will supply the crops total Sulphur requirements.